March 28, 2008

it's friday, baby!!

a lot of you have been so sweet to email asking me all about the nursery for the twinkies. i was thinking, instead of making this an all-about-baby blog—which it's bound to turn into since that's all i'm really thinking about these days—i'll just write about baby stuff on fridays. i'll call it "it's friday, baby!!" and that way you can follow along if you'd like. sound good?! great! this is going to be a long post while i catch you up, so settle on in ...

so, first things first. i showed you the cribs we picked (thanks again, mum and dad!). they are so lovely and ... they are here! they're still in boxes, so no photos yet. and we got our mattresses this week (thanks, papa ger' and mama lin'!)!! and i finally picked out our bedding—i mean their bedding—which should be here any day now!!


isn't it beautiful? it's called rory from serena and lily. i love how sweet and clean and sophisticated it looks. plus i think having two sets of mostly white will help make the room feel bigger. the brown teddy i photoshopped in to make sure i like the white and green with dark brown. i do. which is good because i'm thinking we'll keep the brown sideboard that's in the room now for storage.

i also ordered the sleepytime glider in lime green microterry from nurseryworks. it matches the green accents in the rory bedding just perfectly!! hopefully it will arrive before the babies do!!

you've seen the fabulous giraffe tripper bought me, but what you haven't seen is all the amazing presents from our friends and family. my dear friend/little sister/soon-to-be-auntie jenny threw me a lovely little girly shower over easter weekend. it was small and intimate—just what i wanted. take a look ...


she made all the food herself, including those adorable lamb cupcakes!! everything was done in shades of white—down to the drinks (white grape juice, sprite and white grapefruit juice). we had avocado sushi, bow tie pasta, cheese, finger sandwiches, white chocolates, lemon cake—it was heavenly!!

and here are all the presents!


we really have amazing friends and family!! i can't believe how very generous they all are. i feel very blessed.

we also started a new blog—a virtual garage sale called making room for babies. since we don't have a garage or a yard and we do have internet access, we thought this would be a great way to get rid of the old stuff to make room for the new. if you know of anyone in the atlanta area looking for odds and ends, send them our way!! we add items as we come across them. all proceeds will go to the twins' diaper fund!

that's it for this week! another baby update next friday!! xoxox.


Fash said...

love the red sox onesie

Jake and Taryn said...

LOVE all the baby stuff!! How exciting! :)

caroline said...

cuuuute stuff!

will look forward to fridays even more now.

saw this and thought of your twinkies:

The Doctor's Wife said...

Please, please, please submit an entry for my baby shower inspiration board contest!!! I would LOVE to see your ideas (and I know you can make a board cause you have em on your blog;)
Plus, you could win $50. Check out my blog for more info.

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