April 4, 2008

it's friday, baby!


i ordered this amazingly cute "dick and jane" baby blanket from superfly lullabies (super swank blankets for your super swank babe) and it came earlier this week. you have no idea how hard it was to wait until friday to post about it!! i love it!!

the printed side totally reminds me of when i was a kid—yes, i actually did read about sally, dick and jane (and spot!) when i was in grade school. the flip side is the softest minky you've ever felt. not only is this blanket just darling, the craftsmanship is superb (and creator julie is the nicest person ever)!! i can't wait to toss it over the rocker (if it ever gets here) and snuggle up with the twinks.

see holly smile.


Meesh said...

I heart this pattern!

blackmustard said...

I'm friends with Julie of Superfly Lullabies and you're right, she IS the nicest person! Also, her blankets are amazing!

... said...

" see holly smile. "

Seriously? I could not be more flattered!! I am soooo happy you're so happy!! Thanks for such a complementary entry!

See Julie being happy.

Bree said...

i can see why you loved this! beautiful!