April 13, 2006

packed. wrapped. sent.

so, today i mailed my teacup for the teacup swap. i'm not sure how much i can reveal about who my recipient is, but i will tell you this: i had to mail the cup overseas. the whole time i searched and scoured town to find that perfect teacup i enjoyed knowing it was going to someone across the pond. i enjoyed that thought very much ... until today. when i arrived at the shipping store, i nearly choked when they told me it would cost $83 to mail it. the teacup only cost $20! seeing the dismay on my face, the store clerk suggested i try the good old us postal service. i'm so glad i did. it was only $11.60 to send.

i had to fill out a customs form to ship the teacup and the lady behind the counter told me to put the value at $1 ... to avoid my swapper having to pay any taxes. i told this to my mom, who constantly ships things to london, and she said they may send it back because i valued it too low. i have my fingers crossed that won't happen! who knew a little swap could be so complicated? anyway, i'm glad it's {hopefully} on its way. she should have it in 4 to 7 days. next week, once i'm sure she's received it, i'll post the pictures i took. i can't wait! too cute!

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