July 1, 2006

sorry, ed.

i'm making an executive decision. in my search this weekend for the perfect desk chair, i am also going to find ed a new bed. his chair is so icky now that even he, lover of all smelly things, is not getting in it much. right now, this *good dog* bed from calliope is a front-runner.


Anonymous said...

You will have to post some photos of Ed enjoying his new sleeping quarters. Love the bed! I really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing.

Dawn Marie

Erin T said...

Hi Holly (and Ed!)
I love the fabric on the Crypton dog bed here - http://www.dwr.com/productdetail.cfm?id=9656

You might want to check out the Home Goods store on Piedmont near Lindbergh. I've seen some really great dog beds there at incredible prices. They change inventory often and don't always have neat ones, but it's worth a look.
My dog (Finn) had a bed with a paw print pattern on it from Boots & Barkley (Target). Last year, we picked up a couple of armless side chairs from West Elm upholstered in a charcoal pinstriped wool. I found a wool flannel fabric that was charcoal with pinstripes and used it to make a slipcover for Finn's bed. I sewed it on three sides and part of the fourth side but left room on that edge for a velcro closure to make it easy to remove the cushion for cleaning. Finn loves it and I think it's cute that it goes with the 'people furniture'.
Good luck finding just the right bed for Ed! A good trick is to buy some cedar shavings at the pet store and throw a handful in the bed between washings. It keeps the bed smelling fresh and makes the dog smell nice too.
Erin T