March 6, 2007

spa treatment

i've been poking around this morning on viva terra and have rather enjoyed looking at their whole line of bath accessories, especially this teak bath mat. to have this would be like having a spa in your own bathroom! and since it's wood, you would not have to worry about a collection of dog hair after a stormy night! i wonder how long it took them to get that footprint just right on there. i like it!


My Marrakech said...

I really like this. Isn't that store just so fab?

Anonymous said...

I loved this too. But for $80 (price + tax/shipping), I was not too pleased when it came with giant knot sized holes on the top of the mat. Definitely not like the picture.

holly said...

oh no! that's terrible. did you call their customer service? keep us posted. surely they'll fix that.