November 19, 2007

caterer's plates

i love these! pretty and cheap caterer's plates from pottery barn. if you break one, who cares? it won't break the bank to replace it! so i have this confession—we have everyday plates from crate and barrel and i'm kind of tired of them. they're pretty with a blue band and chocolate stripe, but lately i've been longing for a clean, white plate. i'm glad i haven't purchased any so far! i may have to sneak a trip over to the mall to see these!!

image from pottery barn.


cyndi said...

I have the everday restaurant dinnerware from Williams-Sonoma. It has a very similar look to the pottery barn set. I LOVE them. They look like they may be a little sturdier then the PB ones. I've had them for over a year, They are awesome.

Jessica said...

I harbor a secret desire to buy all the different items of their caterer's selection. We use Pottery Barn's Great White Collection for our everyday dishes. I love them, but I can't fit the big dinner plates in our microwave, ha.

Katie said...

I LOVE my all white dishes. We got ours from Crate and Barrel

Fash said...

i love these, i seriously am i white dinnerware addict, so these are like heaven in a box for me. really i just wsnt the box, how fun it looks.